Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break!

Spring Break is finally here! The last few weeks have flown by. We have been focusing on Science and Social Studies test prep the last few weeks as we approach the iLEAP test, which for some reason is scheduled for the week immediately following spring break.

Fingers crossed that my third graders remember what we have learned. In order to make the test prep less mundane, we have been incorporating lots of experiments and center activities. One of my student's favorites was the sound energy experiment in my Easter Experiments packet. We explored sound energy using a washer, nut, and balloon. My students were very engaged in this experiment and very few of them hypothesized correctly, or at least had the correct reason for their hypothesis, so the results were shocking and we had lots of fun! Are you smarter than a third grader? Do you know which one, the washer or the nut will make this sound and why?


In Social Studies, we did maps and diagrams around the room. This has proven to be a low area in our district, so after reviewing the parts of maps, charts, and diagrams, students used their knowledge to do some practice. For Maps Around the Room, my students were shown four maps of Louisiana, an Interstate Map, an Agricultural Map, a Parish Map, and a Population Map. Each map was presented and then placed in a corner of the room. The students were given a recording sheet with 16 premade multiple choice questions and one create your own question for each map. My students had to use the title of the map to figure out which map to use to answer the questions. They would then go to that map and answer the question. This kept my students on their toes. I also created the question to scaffold other Social Studies topics we have covered.

We used a similar process for charts, graphs, and diagrams. My students were able to answer the questions and argue their answer. They also created some great questions of their own that I was able to use as bell ringers.

On Wednesday, we had out Beat the Leap Pep Rally. My class did our cheer to Uptown Funk. We used Kelli Hauser's lyrics with a few edits. This teacher is awesome! She really went for it in her video. Here is our version:

Hope you are having a wonderful Spring Break or week back at school and good luck to you and your class on Spring Testing! 

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