Monday, March 30, 2015

Egg-Citing Science

Today, as my Instagram followers know, we had a fun day of peep science! We are currently in test prep mode (we have Spring Break next week and then the state science and social studies)- and test prep can be sooooo boring!

So we are using our test prep books in an exciting way! Today we read about the scientific method, and started some peep experiments. I am trying to up the element of choice in my classroom and trying to incorporate it in everything we do, so rather than have every group do the same experiment,  I let them choose what solutions they wanted to dissolve peeps.

Next, students measured 200 mL of each liquid using either a measuring cup or graduated cylinder and poured it into the test cups. 

The 7 Up was a hot commodity in our classroom. All the students thought the bubbling would really help with dissolving the peep. After filling up the cups, we added in the peeps. 

 From left to right, the peeps in this group were soaked in bleach, vegetable oil, and 7 Up.  (Note: Just so it is clear, I was the only one to handle the bleach so no extreme disasters happened!)

I also set up my own peeps using all of the materials, since no one chose to do water. (Surprise! Surprise!)

We discovered that the bleach caused the peeps to dissolve the fastest and the 7 Up actually caused the peep to inflate slightly! Can't wait to check on our peeps tomorrow to see what has changed.

For the full version of this product with 4 Experiments, Answer Keys, and directions click here!

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Happy Teaching!!

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