Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break Book Study!

Since I finally have some time off I have decided to do what all most some (crazy) teachers do in their spare time, I have decided to spend some time reading and learning about teaching in addition to my usual Pinterest, TpT, and Blogger learning. When I sat down to choose a book I knew there were some things I wanted. I wanted to read something

  1. Inspiring Too often we read negative things about testing, and gaps in education, and behavioral problems. Though these things are necessary to understand, they can definitely make any teacher feel overwhelmed. I wanted a book that would inspire me to make meaningful change in my classroom. I can not always change the big picture, however I can make small changes supported by research that will make a difference in my student's learning. 
  2. Data Driven- I love reading blogs, checking my "teaching instagram" and watching videos on the Learning Channel. I also love hearing new ideas from my colleagues, but I wanted something that was proven through data. 
  3. New I have read some wonderful books in college and as a teacher that I would like to revisit, likeand ,however I truly wanted something that I had not yet been exposed to in my teaching career.
  4. Relevant- I needed something that would help my teaching now. Something that my students and I could directly benefit from in the next year. 
After trolling Amazon, which I need to buy stock in, I finally narrowed picked Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

After reading the synopsis and comments I discovered this book was just what I was looking for. This book is not just for teachers, but also for learners. It studies the science of learning and memory. It is driven by data collected by the authors and other research studies, and it relies on new data to debunk commonly believed and practiced strategies in teaching and learning. This book is also very relevant for me right now. In the process of reteaching, I wonder why some of my students remember and master the majority of topics, and others do not. I want this success for all my students, so I am reading this book in the hopes of making learning more meaningful.

So, beginning tomorrow (or possibly later tonight if I am super productive) I am going to post key ideas for each chapter. After I finish the book, I will review the information and tell you what I think.  Hopefully, some of you will want to join in this book study with me or give me ideas on what to read next… after all summer is only a few weeks away!

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