Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday!

Monday is the busiest day of the week in my classroom without a doubt. First because on Monday I need to get to school extra early to get everything set up and ready to go, so by the time my students have arrived the coffee has set in and I am ready to go! And also because on Monday we are usually starting something new, something that we will grow and develop all week, so it is exciting.

Today we studied, Alliteration and Personification. We had a ton of fun! Mostly because there are COUNTLESS youtube videos on this topic. We watched the following video first. I asked students to identify what they all have in common.

First, they started saying things like they're all commercials, then they're all Geico commercials (umm.. no), then they all have characters, and then someone got a light bulb. One of my students said they all had animal characters, so I questioned further, and what is special about these animals? Immediately hands flew up, " They can all talk," and that is how the spark got lit. They were excited and ready to go. We completed our interactive notebook page, which I would have included, but it is most certainly not TpT ready. After we discussed some lines from poems. We identified what was being personified and how. 

Then it was time for another video, we watched Screaming Eggs and discussed what was being personified. Then it was their turn! I let them  watch The Annoying Orange on the iPad, and they had to explain what was being personified, how, and why it made the video humorous. Warning this video is A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G but my students loved it, so I guess thats the trade-off. They also got to create their own example of personification. Click the picture for the Google doc link!

I will be doing some more figurative language in the upcoming weeks, so check in for more! Or check out some of the figurative language products on my TpT Store. 


Have a wonderful Tuesday! 

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