Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Week Madness!!

It's HUMP Day! Half way through my first week with my new third graders. Ohmygosh they are the cutest bunch. I am seriously missing some of my old students, but these new kiddos are totally rocking third grade so far.

Our first day of school was… interesting… we had no Internet which made it hard to download everything I needed on my school computer! Good thing I was over prepped so we had more than enough to do. Additionally, the air condition went out-- I live in southern Louisiana and I will say this is just about unbearable. By the end of the day I had ditched the jacket and my summer scarf. Thankfully everything went well with my students and the air is no back in action!

I find in the first week its best for me just to hit the ground running. I do a lot of procedure work, but most of it happens as we got along with our daily business. We have also hit the ground running with our interactive notebooks! I am totally in love with our reading interactive notebook by Nicole Shelby! 

We are loving using them to learn about character traits! 

I am also super obsessed with Go Noodle! My kids are totally loving it and it is a quick way to get them up and moving. Now that I FINALLY have an ActivBoard, we are excited to use it this year!

Feeling the burn with some squats!

Happy back to school prepping or back to school teaching!!

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