Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blast Off Back To School Sale

So is it just me or can anyone else believe that school is coming so fast?! This will be the last Sunday that I am not prepping. I say that but I actually spent some time printing and laminating this morning! I am loving the Primary Polka Dot and Burlap Classroom Set from Who Loves Third Grade.

Today I am linking up with NC Teacher Chick to say a few of my favorite things about back to school. I have known I was going to be a teacher since first grade. I LOVED my first grade teacher, Ms. Kyame and she is still an inspiration to me today. Ever since I was little, I have had an affinity for Back to School Shopping. I mean, the neatly set up cardboard displays, the rows and rows of different types of folders/notebooks, and of course those every-kid's-dream-every-teacher's-nightmare items like giant calculators, bendy rulers, and drumstick pencil erasers.

I guess this is weird, but I LOVE the smell of new binders, and I am actually quite sad I don't get any this year. I also love fresh markers and I can't wait to put some new ones out for my students. I also love setting up my bulletin boards (I will hopefully have that done by tomorrow- fingers crossed!!).

I am also in love with SALEs. That four letter word can get me buying like no other. In fact, sometimes I need to make sure that the sale is even worth it. Office Depot's back to school sale- TOTALLY worth it. I am especially excited about the TpT Blast Off Back to School Sale! Check out my store tomorrow for some deals!


  1. Umm-- can I just say.. I LOVE your new blog design!!! So adorable! Good luck with your new bunch of kiddos!

    1. Thank you for recommending Tenille! I could not be happier! They come back a wee from today so I am definitely in sprint mode trying to get everything done.