Monday, August 4, 2014

Made it Monday!!

Well, I'm back for another #MadeItMonday! This time with an exciting new made it!!

This weekend and this morning I finally finished my Accountable Talk Rocks mini book, posters, practice text, and graphic organizer to help your students become accountable talk rockstars!! 

I am loving the Melonheadz Rockstar Clip Art we got in Vegas! This product was inspired by my best seller, Analyzing Text Structure. In the past, my kids really love creating mini books and getting a chance to model and practice as we go, so hopefully this year's bunch will be the same!

And for made it #2. With the help of my amazing boyfriend, who may be a better laminator than I am, I also got all my new TpT things printed and laminated. As I said yesterday I am loving my new Polkadot and Burlap Banner, Calendar Labels, and Numbers

I am also totally freaking out about getting into my classroom, which has apparently been postponed until THURSDAY. What?! We begin school Monday!!! {Full panic mode ensues!} 
But will I take others word for this? Nope. I am about to march by Nike shorts into school and hope my smile and pure desperation will get me in for a few hours today.

Last, but not least, I want to wish a happy birthday to this girl. 

Yes, I said girl! Today, my granny is 90 years young. After a wonderful family gathering last night, I could not be happier :) Quick funny story- My Granny always wanted to be a teacher, so much so that as a little girl she played school with a deck of cards and when one blew over they got a "bad mark."
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lady that taught me piano, sang and danced with me, watched me after school, let me and my cousins build tents all over her house, and who always reassures me that being a teacher was the right decision. 

Additionally, Way too much food {Yeah, were from New Orleans-- its always like that} means I have lunch and dinner for a few days. NO COOKING-woohooo! 

Don't forget to check out my sale today and tomorrow!! 

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