Monday, November 4, 2013

Oops I Did It Again!

Well this year has been the busiest year of my life! Thank goodness for my amazing family and friends-- I really could not do it without their constant support, countless words of wisdom, extra hands for grading, and amazing cutting/ center bagging skills. :)

I thought last school year was busy, but I honestly did not know this year would be such a jump. Teaching a combo class is getting much easier, but everyday presents challenges and I am constantly working to meet all my students needs.

I have finally finished my Fall Literacy Centers Pack .

I could not be happier with the final product! And my students are getting to enjoy them starting tomorrow. When I was explaining the directions one of them even asked if he could please work on some today! Every teacher's dream right?!

We have had some great adventures this school year. And honestly this is what is keeping me going… 
Tons and TONS of coffee!! And sometimes a little whipped cream too :) 

We had some great Halloween using Presto Plan's Halloween Around the World Texts . Each group had a different country, they read the article, answered the questions, created a poster, presented their country to the class, and then finally wrote a story about a child who celebrates Halloween in that country. My kids LOVED it and it will definitely be a yearly tradition of mine! Her packet makes it very easy for planning, including 5 different countries, a page text for each and comprehension questions.

 We also had a Pumpkin Halloween Day! Where we estimated, measured, and compared pumpkins. My pumpkins loved it :)

Even though its a little late, I had to share this goody! It gets better every time I watch it!!!

As always, Happy Teaching!
Ms. Winter

Have a great Day :) 

Oh and since a MAJOR game in Tiger Football is happening this weekend I can't help but post this! Geaux Tigers, Beat Bama! 

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