Monday, November 25, 2013

Didn't your teachers tell you not to procrastinate?!

By posting this blog post I am doing just that. While I should be writing my case study, I decided what an excellent time to read up on Facebook to determine all the things I totally do not need to know and enjoy my first day of thanksgiving break! I ran across this really cute article in response to "Date A Girl Who Teaches", which surely sparked my interest right away. It was entitled "Don't Date A Girl Who Teachers" and after seeing that one of my teacher friends posted it I was already wondering what was up with this! I thought that the section about comparing accomplishments was certainly true. Sometimes I really need to turn this off because we do so much in a day that it is hard not to seem like you are thinking you are the ONLY one who does so much in a day! I laughed out loud when I read the warning at the bottom:

If you decide to take her anywhere directly after work, just know that it will seem to others as if you are escorting around a cardigan-wearing, homeless witch with unexplainable stray marker/pen marks from wrist to elbow.

Unfortunately, this is so me!! Where I get all the pen marks, which are surely not just from my pen to my elbow, I do not know but hopefully someone will overlook that :).

I also spent some time buying some of the cutest clipart from Krista Walden at Creative Clips. I just love her stuff! And her Christmas Freebies and Snowmen Clipart will be all over my new unit!!

 I had a ton of fun this weekend celebrating LSU's defeat over the Aggies. The weather was aTERRIBLE cold mist. When I say cold, I am speaking in South Louisiana terms so for me it felt like below 0, but I'm sure it was in the 40s or 50s. That didn't stop us though, my roommate, The School Belle, some other friends, and I hunkered down for some indoor tailgating! That way, the hair didn't get too crazy!!

And we even set up this adorable little tree!! I am going to set up another one and add ornaments every time my students are caught being good. When we get to 20, we will have a little party and an adorable tree! 

Last but certainly not least, I am having a Cyber Monday Sale, next Monday and Tuesday, hopefully you can find one of my units helpful for you!

Happy Holidays,

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