Thursday, February 7, 2013


I feel like I have been posting a lot of math stuff, but I promise I'll try to be better after the Mardi Gras Break! Maybe even a little Social Studies! Yesterday we started measurement!

My kids were in love with the first two activities we did! To start off the unit, we read part of the story The Kings Foot. I let each of my children write a letter to the carpenter to explain to him what he did wrong. We finished the story and the ones that didn't already know, found out the carpenter's mistake. Then came the part they really loved. I let them grade some other students' (that they don't know) letters to the carpenter!  Let's just say they should be thankful they don't grade each others papers because they are tough cookies. Then we discussed which students understood, which ones half-way understood, and which students had no clue. This activity, included in my unit, totally got my kids understanding the need for standard units, without me needing to tell them (student centered learning). 

Today, we did some more measurement and they even got to write on the floor!! I put tape down and had students measure with different tools. Every student had a different color expo and I also used this to create my groups, since I now know who can already use a ruler proficiently. And tomorrow they are in store for even more fun-- Its Royal Games Day! All the games are centered around measurement!
Get these activities and more in my Measuring with the King Unit!

Can't believe Mardi Gras break is almost here! Happy parading y'all!

Ms. Winter

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