Monday, July 21, 2014

Not Your Usual Monday!

Hello again!!

Today has been an unusually productive day and I am going to link up with Made It Monday after all #needaglassofwine, no #deserveaglassofwine! 

I have uploaded my data binder pack. This pack includes a title page for each section a long with data analysis and intervention sheets. I have also walked you through the way I analyze my data and how to use the sheets! I had a much uglier version of this last year so I am excited to use the updated version you can get it at my TpT Store

I have gotten so much better at analyzing data this year and can not wait to share this product with my school team! I hope it helps yours as well! 

Happy Monday,
Ms. Winter


  1. How perfect that I read your post! One of my goals is to start using a data binder! I love that you include information on how you use it as well. So helpful. I'll surely be checking that out!

    1. Send me your email and I will send you a free personalized one for following my blog!!

  2. Great post! Your product looks wonderful!