Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Wonderland!

I am finally living in a winter wonderland- or at least my version of it. It is once again 70 degrees and I could not be happier to turn off the heater, ditch the hot cocoa, and watch a little Winter Olympics on TV. Yes, it is certainly not winter weather, but it is my idea of perfect! I am currently obsessed with Meryl Davis and Charlie White. I think she is so gorgeous and their story is just precious! I hope to see them capture another gold tonight :)

Speaking of the Winter Olympics, I am loving using Ashleigh @ Ashleigh's Education Journey's Winter Olympic Pack

This pack is awesome -- it contains tons of leveled texts with the lexile levels marked. The best part is it is set up so the kids can read different texts, but still answer the same questions, which makes for seamless differentiation.

 And this week I am also eating good! We recently got a Trader Joe's in Baton Rouge and I now spend more nights a week picking up something from Trader Joe's then I ever did at Walmart. I have found some awesome things and the prices are really great as well. This week I tried something a little different and got some Fig Butter.

I toasted a wheat tortilla, added a little Fig Butter, and topped it with some goat's cheese and tomatoes and boy was it delicious! It was a quick easy way to have an amazing dinner. Just looking at it makes me hungry! 

 Oh and happy Valentine's Day to all! I had a wonderful day with some really sweet surprises. I got some of the best notes. Its these kind of days that make me love being a teacher. No matter how much work I put in, it is great to see how appreciated I actually am.

And that night I got an even better treat. I got to see my younger brother start a game in Tiger Stadium. His team did not win, but they did an amazing job against such a great ball team. I am partial-- but he looked great as well!

It was a great weekend of family, baseball, and finally some springtime weather. Hopefully I will make it through this week without too much sleep lost. If not….

There's always PJs Granita!

Happy Teaching, 
Ms. Winter

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