Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside.. Or it was!

Well after three days of being stuck at home because of Winter Storm Leon, I am actually itching to get back to work! "Snow day" is surely not a term we hear often in the South, unless we are reading a story about someone in another part of the country. I am glad we got to experience one, oh wait no-- four, but now that all my laundry is done, my house is {somewhat} straightened, and I am {slightly} ahead with my schoolwork, I can't wait to get back! I have had enough hot cocoa for a long while and I even go to try out all those cute mugs my students and teacher friends have given me!

The term "snow day" is actually very deceiving for what happened here in Louisiana, because I never actually saw any snow. I did see however, lots and lots of ice. Today, while driving around running errands, I even saw this beautiful ice garden! Apparently someone didn't turn off their sprinklers!!

In honor of our snow cation, I have created this freebie with an informational text on Winter Storm Leon and its effects on the Southern United States, which we will do tomorrow morning!

Well, time to hit the gym and get ready for my one day week! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday :). 

Happy Teaching!!!
Ms. Winter

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