Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will you be my Valentine?

Today I had the best group of Valentines a teacher could ask for. My students came in from the break ready to work and boy did we have fun! In reading I had groups reteach this unit's skills and strategies. They played teacher-- telling their classmates What each skill is, How it is done, and Why it is important to do when reading or how it helps them. The two groups that have presented were awesome and it has definitely served as a great review!

I found the cutest little cards at my parents' house that I gave the kids with their candy! I thought the little mouse looked like our guinea pig, Cocoa so, I couldn't resist. 

Then during writing time, the students wrote narratives with candy hearts. Do you remember doing this as a kid? I sure do! The shapes are still the same but some of the messages are crazy! For example, I surely did not know what LMOL meant. (According to Google, Laughing Madly Out Loud) 

The kids really enjoyed doing this and since we only have a two day week (Thanks to Mardi Gras) it was a good writing activity that they could finish quickly! 

I totally love holidays at school, especially if my kids would act like this every holiday-- I guess I shouldn't jinx myself before they get back from art! (LMOL)

Hope you have a LOVEly day, 
Ms. Winter

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