Sunday, April 12, 2015

Surviving Until Summer

Today I am linking up with Queen of the First Grade Jungle and Fabulous in First to talk about what I am doing to get to summer. 

This week was my spring break and it is commical that I have had absolutely no break! I have been so busy this week and will have some exciting news in the upcoming weeks!! 

Outside the Classroom:

1. Weddings- those of you that follow me on Instagram (@mswinterswildwest) know I had a busy wedding weekend! We road tripped to New Braunfels this weekend to share a special weekend with two great friends! 

2. Beach Volleyball- I am playing on a sand volleyball team with @theschoolbelle and some of our other friends. It makes the weeks fly by because we are so busy!! Plus the margarotas don't hurt. 

3. Puppy Time- spending time with my roommates' dogs has been a fun way to spend the afternoon. Especially when they look this cute!!

Inside the classroom 

1. Go noodle- my kids and I benefit from these awesome brain breaks. 

2. Hands on Science- can't get much more engaged then some great science experiments!! I love getting into interactive science lessons. The kids are so motivated and into their learning. 

3. Prepping for next year- next year will be my 4th year as a teacher. I am going to have so many materials and resources! I am "cutening" some of them up so next year I don't have to worry about making the one we do together neat. 

Well that's all for tonight!! Finally getting home from the weekend. Wheew! 

Have a wonderful week! Happy teaching! 

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  1. I love GoNoodle too! And hands-on Science experiments!! It's the only way for them (and ME) to have fun with Science. =)