Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall In Love With Learning

I am just loving this fall weather in South Louisiana! It has finally cooled down and although this has been a very rough football weekend for LSU fans I enjoyed tailgating in the cooler weather.

October was a very busy month for our class. We completed a nocturnal animals unit where we learned about Owls, Bats, Opossums, and Wolves. My students loved exploring these new animals. I also enjoyed using these narrative nonfiction texts by Nicola Davies. They have some awesome text features that can foster conversation between students. Additionally, the pictures are wonderful!

We also discussed descriptions of these animals in the text. We even got to make our own owls by using descriptions and then wrote to explain how the features on our owl matched the description. This was a fun hands on way for the kids to really use and benefit from the vivid descriptions.

We also had lots of fun with our pumpkin unit! We read about pumpkins, experimented with pumpkins, and did some engaging pumpkin math.

I love to see my students 100% involved and learning as they are investigating topics. I have uploaded my unit to tpt. This is my third year doing this unit and this year I finally got out all the kinks! I have added some new literature to our unit which really made the connection to the pumpkin arrays.

Some of my students arrays ended up HUGE and took lots of time, but it was totally worth it! They loved finding out the biggest pumpkin actually did not have the most seeds and now can predict the seeds better based on the looks of the pumpkin!

I have also uploaded my Multiplication Properties Show What You Know Book. My class this year has been great about learning and showing they know the properties. I have seen how much this has helped them solve higher multiplication problems and think that it standard OA 3.5 should be stressed when teaching multiplication. 

Now that things are starting to slow down I am hoping to get more products and ideas up in the next few weeks! I hope you all are enjoying the fall weather! 

Happy Teaching!

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