Monday, July 28, 2014

Made It Monday!

So excited to link up with 4th Grade Frolics for another Made It Monday.. seriously they keep me productive! Even more excited to do it with my new blog design!

This week I made my G.O. (Get Organized) Folders for this school year. These are my folders that go to and from school with my students. They are expected to bring them back each day after their parents have checked them. This idea is totally stolen from my bestie Alison! I am not sure where she got this idea but it is awesome and has helped me and my kiddos stay organized. 

So, what's so different about a G.O. Folder from a  regular folder? Well, for one it has 4 pockets instead of 2. If you have looked for 4 pocket folders, you know they can be pretty pricey. So, I made my own! 

Turn the folder without the prongs inside out, so the two pockets are on the outside. 

Insert with folder without prongs into the folder with prongs. (Most of the time the holes are already punched. If they are not you can totally punch your own!)

Label each of the pockets so your students know what goes in each one. I do "Left at Home", "Right Back to School", "Conduct" and "Homework" in that order. I do this on labels so it is neater-- and its also totally because of my font addiction :)


 In the middle section (where there are no pockets) you can paste a speller's choice menu or any other kind of ongoing activity. 

On the front I put a sticker with each student's name. Since I don't have a definite class list yet, I haven't made this yet but I will add it as soon as I do! 


  1. Alyssa!!!!!! YOUR. BLOG. IS. AWESOME!!!! I just love it. Tenille is great isn't she? I love your do it yourself folders! Great post showing us how to make them!

  2. Great idea and resource!! Thanks for sharing!!