Monday, July 8, 2013

Made It Monday Round 2!

Hello All!

I am proud to say I have had a productive few days! First, I have finished the rest of the third grade standards for my I Can wall and I finally posted them to TpT today-- Made it Monday is really keeping me in check!


With so many standards, I wanted to break each of them up into measurable objectives so that I can help my students master each one! If you have already downloaded my Freebie, you know what this whole product is all about! You can get it at my TpT Store!

I have also been looking for some cute chess clipart to finish another product I am working on! Has anyone seen any chess clipart on Etsy or another site? Please let me know if you have! :) 

Since I have the summer "off", I am spending this week in New Orleans with my family. One of the best things about being from New Orleans is the food. I have been blessed to have two parents who can cook-- and I don't mean just throw together a recipe, I mean COOK! But this week I actually chipped in. Thanks to Pinterest, I can pretend to cook! I made these yummy Weight Watchers Twice- Baked Potatoes!

Paired with some deer sausage and my mom's rendition of an Olive Garden Salad it was a delicious meal for everyone! 

Another great part of coming home is getting to spend time with this little cutie! Don't be fooled though, this girl may look tired but that is after a weekend at City Park, the Lakefront, and the dog park. Seven month old labs have endless energy! 

And my last bit of exciting news, my little (meaning age, certainly not height) brother's baseball team introduced a new head coach. Ron Maestri will once again lead the Privateers, to what we hope will be a successful season! What an exciting time to be #UNOProud! 

Hope you all are having a great summer!

Happy Teaching! 
Ms. Winter

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