Monday, April 15, 2013

The Most Unfair Game We Will Ever Play…

So after doing some iLEAP prep with my students, I realized that they missed the concept of scarcity! I couldn't just let them go on not knowing, so we played the scarcity game. In this games students must complete the following task list.

Scarcity Task List
 Make a star out of construction paper.(2 points)
o   Extra points if it is yellow.
·       Make a mini book with at least 8 pages (3 points)
o   Extra points if it has at least 2 different colored pages.
·       Write a limerick.(3 points)
o   Extra points if it makes the class laugh
·       Create a cube out of construction paper.  (5 points)
o   Extra points if it folds up and it not separate pieces cut and taped together.
·       Create three outfits for the front of the paper doll (they must be the right size) (5 points)
o   Extra points for creativity!

The Catch was that not all the groups had the same supplies. I distributed only two half sheets of yellow paper, two rolls of tape, and only three pairs of scissors to the four groups. The groups could trade but they could not use any other materials in the room. Groups were also subject to a "natural disaster" and I could take supplies at any time. 

It worked perfectly!! They totally understood the concept of scarcity when it was all done and they even related it to some real life situations! All in all, it was a pretty successful day!

Happy Teaching!!
Ms. Winter

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