About Me

Hi! My name is Alyssa Winter. I am a third year teacher originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. After attending Louisiana State University to get both my undergrad degree and a master's degree in elementary education, I accepted a job in Baton Rouge.  When I first started applying, I lucked out and got my dream job! Of course, my dream job came with countless hours of classroom work and more time planning than I had ever imagined, but it has also been more rewarding than I thought. During my second year, I got the lovely surprise of another grade. Woohoo! A combination class was the most challenging thing I have done as a teacher, but it also challenged me to become better and stronger. I have enjoyed seeing my students grow through the year and have made so many memories with my very first class and hope to do the same for years to follow! 

My teacher friends and I enjoying New Years Eve! So glad I have all of you as my support as we learn more and more about teaching together! Love my "Holmies"!

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